Faced with the weakening or absence of erectile dysfunction – many men are becoming interested in drugs to increase potency. Drugs for impotence today considered as the most simple, effective and quick way to restore sexual function, so they are in a high demand and popularity.

However, not every drug is offered in the pharmacy is able to eliminate the erectile disorder and to give a good result. In view of this, the men face a difficult choice and do not know what means to be preferred. According to many experts, one of the best pharmaceutical products to fight against violations of potency is Levitra. Try to understand what is levitra how it works and when appointed.


  • Vardenafil (Levitra 20mg) – is a modern synthetic drug. The main component of vardenafil relates to PDE-5 inhibitors, blocks the activity of a specific enzyme.


  • Because the actions of the substances Levitra increases the level of cGMP, resulting in smooth muscle relaxation major vessels extending in the genitals. Blood flow to the penis is enhanced and the background of this, there is a powerful natural erection.
  • It should say that Levitra, like other similar means to her, does not affect the male reproductive system in the absence of sexual desire – sexual stimulation. This is due to the fact that the tablets are not artificial stimulants and influence only the natural physiological processes.

Additional information:

High effectiveness of the drug research and proven long-term clinical practice. Therefore Levitra is rightfully occupies a leading position among the drugs for treating erectile disorders. Excellent effect observed in 90% of patients who use these pills. Levitra helps in impotence caused by physiological and psychological factors, as well as factors of a different nature. The drug has been used successfully in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, occurred against a background of diabetes.


Fast action. The effect of receiving Levitra can be observed after only 40 minutes. In men, there is a good persistent erection, it is possible to make a full and successful sexual intercourse.
Long lasting results.