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Ben, 43 y.o.

  • All generic drugs are differ from the original drug? why they are much cheaper?


Generic drugs is an exact analogs of the original drugs. Production of generic drugs is acceptable only when patent protection for the original drug is expired. Before generic goes on sale, it certainly needs to be proven pharmaceutical, biological and therapeutic equivalence to the original drug.
In all kinds of research and development of new drug takes about 15 years. But of all the potential innovations of the pharmaceutical market most of the preparations in the final stage are not effective and a lot of money spent on their creation, is wasted. To recoup these costs, have to raise the prices for successful copies. Firms engaged in the production of generics, no unplanned expenses are not, hence the reasonable price for them.

Allan, 39 y.o.

  • How to determine the dosage of Viagra?


It is best to refer the matter to the doctor. If not wait – it is best to choose a high dose of 50 mg (Viagra produced dose of 25, 50 and 100 mg).

Keith, 27 y.o.

  • Can I use Viagra if you do not have problems with potency?


Clinically it is not contraindicated. Any means of enhancing potency (Viagra, Cialis or Levitra), will act, even if the problems with potency not occur without causing a noticeable effect on your erections without medication.
But why? If you have all the right to health to enjoy life.
In addition, some patients who have tried to use Viagra, Cialis and Levitra without experiencing the need, complained of fever, redness of the skin and other side effects.

Bill, 49 y.o.

  • Is there an age limit in the use of funds to increase potency?


Viagra, Levitra and Cialis are not prescribed to persons under 18 years of age. Other age restrictions, these drugs are not.

Ruby, 46 y.o.

  • What are the contraindications and side effects is Cialis?


The main contraindications to the use of Cialis are diseases of the cardiovascular system. Cialis can not be used with reactive drugs, such as poppers, and with drugs, which are composed of nitrates.
Common side effects include redness of the face, headache, nasal congestion, indigestion.
If the action of the side effects persists for a long time, you need to seek medical help.

Kim, 41 y.o.

  • Is Levitra harmful for health?


Levitra – not harmful medication if you use it according to instructions.
Levitra can not be used with drugs containing nitrates, as well as reactionary drugs such as poppers. Otherwise, the drug may cause dizziness, fainting or heart attack.

Bradley. 38 y.o.

  • What from proposed drugs is the best medicine? – Viagra, Levitra or Cialis?


Which is better: Viagra, Cialis and Levitra – only you can decide! Each drug has its own characteristics. Try it for yourself and decide what is right for you.

Michael, 49 y.o.

  • How often can I use generics?


Any generic, enhances potency, do not take more than once a day.

Bernard, 60 y.o.

  • Can I use ED generics with booze?


Cialis and alcohol. Of these drugs Cialis best to interact with alcohol. Studies have shown that the effect of Cialis does not depend on alcohol.
Remember that alcohol is a very negative effect on your erection. Therefore, to obtain information from the drug use was the maximum, you should refrain from drinking alcohol or eat it in large quantities.

Marc, 45 y.o.

  • Are Viagra, Cialis and Levitra drugs and sex stimulants?


The above drugs are not sexual stimulant and has no effect on your libido. Their function is merely to provide an erection.
Viagra, Cialis and Levitra does not contain any drugs and do not cause physical dependence.

Mayson, 58 y.o.

  • What drugs can be taken when you have diabetes?


Viagra, Levitra and Cialis are harmless to people with diabetes, and have at least a strong effect.

Leo, 25 y.o.

  • Can I use Viagra every day?


Doctors strongly recommend the daily use of the drug.